IM2 Toolkit

The IM2 Toolkit has been built over the last 15 years and leveraged as a uniform approach for delivery of multiple transformation programs. It can be leveraged to mobilize a program, provide focus on mission, and help accelerate the transformation process. The IM2 Toolkit © provides a standard framework based on industry best practices and battle-tested experience. The Toolkit contains templates, checklists, best-practices, lessons learned, methodologies, as well as project, tactical and strategic solutions.


  • Provides a guide/framework for implementing changePicture1
  • Facilitates the entire program lifecycle
  • Applies standard activities and deliverables
  • Provides clear purpose and direction
  • Focuses on value driving tasks – the
    80/20 Rule
  • Provides a comprehensive plan
  • Supports a compelling pace
  • Promotes an environment of committed people
  • Ensures a centrally controlled process
  • Facilitates planning, implementation and follow-through
  • Offers project management and collaboration tools
  • Manages risk
  • Helps increase the probability of success!
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