Value Proposition

Delivering Break-through Results

1 Results.  We have an unmatched track record for delivering break-through results and successfully implementing large-scale initiatives. IM2 has a 100% success rate on initiatives we have lead and has been recognized for speed in mobilizing and implementing transformations, achieving synergy targets, and delivering mission objectives.

Approach.  IM2 Consulting employs a focused, top-down, results-dknowledge_03riven approach to all our engagements. We have a clear view of what the big picture is, understand what success looks like, and perform the hard analysis to develop the best approach to get there…  ‘active’ delivery management vs. a ‘do anything’ program management.

clientYou First.  “You First” means delivering, keeping your best interests at heart, and delivering on our promises. We strive to develop long-term partnerships built on trust, dedication, and performance. We also know that project success is not driven by the number of people or fancy solutions, but the right people and right solutions. We truly want you to succeed.

toolTools.  While there are no ‘standard’ solutions to any of our clients’ challenges, IM2’s battle-tested Tools can immediately be leveraged to mobilize your organization, solve business, technology, and operational challenges.  Our Toolkit contains tactical, strategic and project solutions that support transformation and help facilitate strategy, technology, operations, integration and optimization endeavors.

Experience.  Our team is comprised of senior-level subject matter and process experts that have an average of 15+ years experience. With over 20 transformation and merger intregration programs completed, we know what it takes to get the job done and we have the track record to prove it. Our team has domain expertise across processes, business, products, technology, operations, accounting, and risk management.

Teamwork.  IM2 works collaboratively with our clients, our clients’ vendors, and our partners. We work in close coordination at all levels of the organization and strive to ensure that our knowledge and processes are transferred for ongoing use. And, given our specialization in facilitating change, we have often been selected as strategic partners to support top tier advisory firms and industry utilities.

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