Broadridge Programs

IM2 has a track record for successfully delivering Broadridge conversion management programs across equities, fixed income, and international products.

IM2 Consulting provides strategy, transition and conversion management services for Broadridge (BFS) programs and implementations. With proven methodologies, an integrated approach, and an experienced conversion team, we support our clients in achieving the full benefits of the platform.


  • Over 30 successful systems implementation or optimization programs completed and one the shortest development to production Broadridge deployments completed.
  • Over 15 years experience with conversion/implementation programs focused on business case validation, program-wide PMO mobilization, conversion management, development and testing, and post-conversion remediation
  • A specialized team with deep Broadridge delivery experience and subject matter expertise in strategy, conversion management, business analysts, product and functional, development and testing, and project management disciplines
  • Proprietary software modules, reconciliation, balancing, and system feed tools to support and facilitate conversion programs
  • Successful and long-standing service partnerships

Streamlining the conversion lifecycle and creating optimized conversion and testing solutions

  • Strategic Assessment, Current vs. Future State Analysis, Workflow Review, and Solution Design, Optimization, Contract Pricing, SLA
  • Business Case & Roadmap
  • Program Framework & PMO
  • Conversion Management / Command Center / SOE / Checklists / Conversion Strategy
  • SME’s / 30+ Years
  • Testing Strategy (test cases, approach, framework, etc…)
  • Training & Knowledge Transfer
  • Automated tools

Technology solutions that improve client experience, mitigate challenges, and create efficiencies

  • Exceptions Process Solution
  • Open Item Reconciliations
  • Cash Reconciliations (Posted vs. Actual Received)
  • Trader / Inventory Configuration Application
  • Consolidated Data
  • Aggregated business view of data for plug-in to reconciliation solutions
  • Consolidated transactions, positions, balances, security data

Supporting the client in post conversion activities, exceptions processing, hand-over, and knowledge transfer

  • Issue, risk, break identification and remediation solutions
  • Day 2 Enhancements and fix support
  • Root cause analysis
  • Day-to-day BAU support
  • Post-conversion clean-up
  • Knowledge transfer
  • BAU Tools & Reporting

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