Our approach

“Wars are won or lost before they are fought.”  

– Sun Tzu

Success is often predicated by the momentum gained in the first 60 days of a transformation program.

Leveraging best practices

Plan the Work, Work the Plan

Ensures clarity around blueprint and vision

Recognize requirements as king

Lockdown requirements early in the process

Top Down Drives the Program

Clear success criteria, mission, leadership

Leverage Platform Capabilities

Take the best and look to retire as many redundant applications and processes as possible

Leverage Checklist Approach

Best practices tools aligned with the organization’s objectives

It’s not the number it’s the right people

Ensure efficient, focused team with right capabilities, not number of bodies

Delivery Focused

All activities focused on success criteria, minimum requirements, and active management

“One Plan, One Team, One Objective”

A single plan across client, workstreams, vendor and service providers, overall blueprint

Leverage domain experts

Ensure the program management team has subject matter expertise

Leverage a proven approach and modify to current scenario

Accelerates progress (no construction from scratch) and avoids pitfalls

Incorporate an Approach with Tight Management Controls

Improves project management discipline and productivity

Maintain the long-view

Have a long-term view with multi-year staying power