Strategy and Optimization

Achieving break-through results means creating positive value, where 1+1 = 3

IM2 Consulting works with today’s leading organizations to help envision and deliver innovative solutions that bring long-term, ‘real-dollar’ results.


We help facilitate strategic decisions that can shape your organization’s future. And, as an execution-oriented firm, we do more than just develop ideas, we help bring those ideas to reality. This means that we are less about theory and more about actionable ideas that can be delivered.

Strategic Assessments

  • Module 1 - Current State Assessment and Benchmarking

    Analysis ‘by the numbers” to assess where our clients stand in comparison to industry best practices. Internal and external current state review to identify what, where, and how the business model can be improved.

  • Module 2 - Future State Definition and Model

    Analysis of the current-state and proposed future-state business model, technology architecture, organization and management assumptions, workflow, and requirements.

  • Module 3 - Roadmap and Mobilization Framework

    Blueprint outlining how to achieve the target future state. Includes definition of success criteria, implementation approach, impacts and changes required, business model definition, technical and workflow changes, dependencies, business decisions, minimum requirements, and program mobilization framework.

  • Module 4 - Implementation and Optimization

    Approach to achieve maximum value for the transformation, increase efficiencies, mitigate risks, improvements to business model, leverage synergy and strategic opportunities, and improve revenue growth. Implementation Support.