success stories

“Success doesn’t come to you… you go to it.” – Marva Collins

Case Study 1: Broadridge Transformation Programs and Lessons Learned

An overview of IM2 activities on four large-scale back office transformation programs that spanned across the client’s equities, fixed income, asset back, and international businesses.  Common best practices and lessons learned were identified that applied to all of the engagements.

Case Study 2: Operations and Technology Platform Optimization

A strategic assessment was conducted to identify opportunities to optimize the client’s technology and operating model.  IM2 provided a detailed view of the client’s current model, architecture, pain-points, and a menu of improvement opportunities that identified over $15 million in annual saves.

Case Study 3: Global Back Office Platform Implementation

Overview of IM2’s role on a multi-entity back-office platform conversion across the client’s equities, fixed income, and international businesses. Key accomplishments included delivering a new chart of accounts, finance and accounting solutions, program roadmap, testing framework, automated tools, exceptions processing solution, as well as overall conversion subject matter support.

Case Study 4: Broker Dealer Consolidation Program

Highlights of IM2’s accomplishments on a consolidation and merger of two Broker Dealers. Program involved implementation and consolidation of the client’s back-office systems and operating platform and consolidated trade processing, operations, technology, finance, and people across 136 locations. IM2 was charged with managing the transformation command center and had core teams supporting the program office, conversion, testing, technology, operations as well as finance processes.

Case Study 5: Technology Platform Optimization

As part of a global consolidation program, IM2 performed a top-down, enterprise-wide, strategic analysis to evaluate the client’s technology and application workflows to support determination of the organization’s future state model. As a result of the analysis, the client’s application footprint was reduced nearly 50% and required changes were identified and implemented across the remaining 396 applications to accommodate the consolidation effort.

Case Study 6: Merger Best Practices Yielding a 35% Run-Rate Reduction

Case study of a global merger integration program where divergent integration approaches were required for the International and US businesses. IM2 ‘fast-tracked’ business decisions, established best practices strategies, and supported the integration. Over $250 Billion in assets were converted within one year and the combined firm achieved a 35% overall run rate reduction.

Case Study 7: Impacts of Delaying a Broker Dealer Consolidation

Overview of an integration program where two organizations had operated separately with dual systems for a number of years post-merger. The delay in starting the integration post-merger multiplied the consolidation program’s cost, schedule, and complexity.

Case Study 8: Merger Synergy Targets Exceeded by 100%

Overview of merger integration program where synergy targets were exceeded by 100% and change of control occurred three months ahead of schedule.  IM2 supported in the transformation program and leveraged a focused, ‘back to basics’ approach.

Case Study 9: Aggressive International Business Build-out

Overview of key challenges, approach, and impacts of IM2’s support on an international business build-out. Global and local systems had to be integrated as part of the new model.